Export and adjust layout for laser cutting from SolidWorks

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A short video with annotations to show you export and adjust layout for laser cutting from SolidWork. Here is the YouTube link:


Quick tips:

Step 1. In "COE-CAD-Desktop" (mycloud.gatech.edu), export .dwg files from your SolidWorks part, copy it to your local (flash drive, local drive, etc.).

Step 2. Go to "Library-2015" (mycloud.gatech.edu), copy your .dwg file to this remote desktop, and open it in Adobe Illustrator. Make sure check "Original Size" and unit is Inches.

Step 3. Delete irrelevant description text.

Step 4.a. "control + G" to group all lines

Step 4.b. Create a new file which is 24" width by 12" height, make sure this file's unit is Inch

Step 5. Copy & paste Step 4.a's shape (grouped lines) to Step 4.b's rectangle

Step 6. Repeat Step 1 to 5 until you place all the shapes you need in 24" * 12" rectangle

Step 7. In Illustrator, go to "File --> Document Color Mode", change mode from "CMYK" to "RGB"

Step 8. Select all shapes, make sure their color is pure (eg. R0, G0, B0, pure black)

Step 9. Select all shapes, change their Stroke Weight to 0.001

Step 10. Save this layout as .pdf file.