Rubber Band Race Off

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Your car must complete two tests. The car must not be changed in any way between the two tests. For the ramp test, the power train should not be configured to slow the car down. It is OK, however if the rubber band is absent.

  1. Drive at least 10 feet under self (rubber band) power while carrying an egg
  2. Roll down a ramp into a concrete barrier while carrying an egg, without the egg cracking

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Distance travelled: 4.5 points per foot completed, up to 45 points
  • Crash test: Test attempted but egg cracked: 20 points, Test accomplished, egg survived: 45 points

Extra points can be awarded as follows:

  • For distance beyond 10 feet: 0.25 points per foot, up to 5 points
  • For robust egg protection engineering design: Up to 5 points
  • For robust egg survivability: Up to 5 points