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System Requirements

Solidworks 2014 - Windows 7.1 x86 or x64

Solidworks 2013 - Windows Vista

For a full list of compatibility considerations, see this page

Download and Install

Navigate to OIT Software Distribution and click the link to download software

Login using your GT credentials as a student

Select your OS, indicate your affiliation as a student, and the software list should appear.

Find Solidworks under the Classroom heading (2013 or 2014 versions)

Proceed to download. GT Solidworks uses a network license - see OIT page following download for details.

Relevant Export Formats

DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) - 2D vector export for use in the laser cutter & waterjet cutter.

To export parts as DXF, see CAD to DXF

STL (Standard Tesselation Language) - 3D description of surface geometry for 3D printing.

To export parts as STL, see CAD to STL